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“Sitilides expresses the complexity of his character with stunning aptitude”

Patch News

“Sitilides displayed a sincerity which strengthened his dynamic with each of his scene partners”

McLean Connection

“One of the highlights is Cole Sitilides’ absolute embodiment of Eugene’s naivety and brilliant sense of humor. He lands every joke, his delivery note perfect, right down to the heavy Brooklyn accent"

MD Theatre Guide

“Just about perfect: he’s like an old Borscht Belt comedian when it comes to

delivering a line and connecting with the audience, but, young though he is, he’s also quite a

fine actor: there’s genuine feeling behind the laughter”

DC Theatre Scene

“Sitilides channeled his character's passion into a raw, compelling, near-perfect performance that struck emotion into each audience member's heart. Every love-struck glance, powerfully delivered sonnet, and tearful goodbye established Sitilides as a versatile, emotionally adept presence”

Cappies News

"Sitilides never failed to deliver"

FCPS Community News

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